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Monday, May 29, 2006

GOPers defend a criminal (because they're criminals too!):

Republicans have really reached a new level of silly, pathetic and out of touch with their rather spirited defense of DEMOCRAT Rep. William Jefferson in his bribery case. Dennis Hastert, who we all now know is the center of his own bribery scandal, involving Jack Abramoff no less, is especially "outraged" at the Justice Department's search of Jefferson's D.C. office, where they found, in a freezer, $90,000 in cash.

But, of course, there is no sudden flash of bipartisan friendliness on the part of the House GOP members that are rushing to Jefferson's aid. No, they're only trying to save their own ---es from their many ethics scandals. See, they don't want the JD to pull off a Jefferson search in their bribery cases. That's all. They don't condone what WJ did - but they don;'t want him brought to justice. Hmm... Come on GOP, even the Democrats (well, until Pelosi caved in to the Congressional Black Caucus) are thrashing Jefferson. He's one bad dude people. As bad as Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, and Duke Cunningham.

Ok, there were no male strippers involved with Jefferson's scandal, so maybe not as bad as the Duke.

Kabul Riots:

The "peaceful" and "prosperous" country of Afghanistan, according to President Bush, already dealing with the resurgence of the Taliban, has now apparently reached a bloody breaking point. A U.S. military convoy involved in a traffic accident has sparked widespread unrest and violence in the formerly calm (to a point) city of Kabul. At least 20 Afghan civilians have been killed by U.S. soldiers or Afghan police, with the rioting still continuing. This uprising comes as no surprise due to the growing tension that had been observed throughout Afghanistan over the last few months.

GWBush has continued to ignore this growing unrest, even as the Taliban has made a full and complete comeback, U.S. soldiers continue to die there, and violence is spreading throughout the country, finally reaching Kabul. As recently as March 1, when he made a "surprise' visit to Afghanistan, W was blind, deaf, dumb etc. to the looming crisis in that country.

President Bush paid a surprise visit to Afghanistan March 1 (2006), praising that country for its progress toward democracy.

“People all over the world are watching the experience here in Afghanistan. I hope the people of Afghanistan understand that as democracy takes hold, you're inspiring others."

Oops W, oops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where is Osama Bin Laden?

2:21 PM

Blogger LC Liberal said...

I don't know, Osama's probably in a posh Dubai penthouse suite, surrounded by expensive booze and cheap women. Oh yeah, and his dialysis machine. Why do you ask?


9:35 PM

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