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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ken Lay convicted:

Mr. Enron himself, Ken"neth" Lay, has finally faced justice for all of the slimy deeds he had during the demise of Enron. Now the big question is when GWBush will pardon him (you know it's gonna happen). Will he pull a Clinton and wait until he's about to exit the White House? Or will he just get the inevitable over with and do it ASAP. "Kenny Boy", as W affectionately called him, was a major player and financier of W's political career, from Texas to the White House. Lay was also the driving force behind Veep Cheney's secret energy policy. W and Kenny are close, so no way is the Prez going to let down his buddy.

Either way, the fact that Lay was convicted is a big victory for justice and common sense. Skilling and Lay are about as guilty as they come, and no excuses of "ignorance" about what was going on at Enron would save them, for everybody knew that it was a lie.

What I found especially amazing was Lay's tear-jerker of a statement outside the courthouse in Houston after the verdict was in. Lay professed his innocence in the statement, but acknowledging that "God always works for the best result", and saying that "my belief in the Almighty will get me through this trying time". Oh please. This is what every big shot corporate criminal does before he goes to jail. "I've found God", "I'm good at heart", "I love God". Good grief. They turn into some freaking circuit-rider, as if that's going to clean up their image.

No way Kenny, you lose this time. I just hope all of the no-good Republican corporate criminals get their well deserved prison time.

Treasury Sec. John Snow to resign?

That's what some news outlets are reporting. By mid-June they say.