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Sunday, May 28, 2006

State of the Bush Administration:

A couple of comments on this morning's Sunday talk fests got me thinking about this very question. Really, what is going on with the Bush administration? Is it withering away with GWBush's poll numbers? Or is it pressing ahead with its agenda, successfully ignoring the distress and anger voiced by conservative Republicans on issues like immigration reform?

The comments that piqued my interest in this matter came from three very conservative commentators (again!!??) on ABC's This Week, and FOX show with Chris Wallace (whatever it's called). Bill Kristol, the neo-con idol, came out heavily in favor of the president when asked the question I have posed here: How are W and the BA really doing? Good or bad? Kristol gave a very unsurprising answer, listing all of the "successes" that the BA has achieved over the past few weeks, saying that they passed their pet tax cuts, and that Iraq is going well (??), and that the immigration showdown is merely a "hiccup". This is what I expected from a top neo-con. Bush is great, Bush is wise, etc. etc. Kristol never fails to please with his conservative bombast and fallacies.

So then I turned on This Week, on ABC. There was the ususla roundtable, with the exception of neo-con John Kasich, loaned from FNC, out touting his new book. So GS asks virtually the same questions Wallace; with an immigration showdown looming, is the BA stable and succeeding in pressing its agenda forward. Well, George Will and Kasich really surprised me on this. They essentially blasted the Bush administration, not over the immigration bill - they supported him on that (well, except for Kasich, but he's from FNC) - but on almost everything else. Kasich wrote off the BA, saying that W's second term is done, it's failed, and that he has zero credibility with the conservative wing of the GOP. Will echoed that sentiment, calling for wholesale changes in the BA, wondering how far it will fall before they really shake things up. This was a surprise coming from two well-entrenched conservatives.

So, what's the real deal with W and his administration? Kasich and Will are spot on. It's falling apart. Iraq is over, violence is worsening, U.S. troops are massacring dozens of civilians, no government can do anything. Immigration reform is stalled - even with the Senate passing a bill. The right-wingers in the House will settle for no less than total extermination of all immigrants in the United States. Gas prices are still disgusting, but everything else is so bad right now that even that is one the backburner. But it sure as heck isn't going away. W's poll numbers, after the little "bounce" reported by CNN that was not real, are still tanking, hovering from 30 to 35%, with the GOP's numbers no better.

It's looking bad for W, the neo-con's, and conservatives. But, instead of rejoicing at their good fortune and coming up with real plan for the country and victory in 06 and 08, the Democrats are still stumbling along blindly, following the GOP's lead ni every matter, while saying that "we'd do it different", and then offering no plan of their own. They were silent on the huge story - no dead - of the NSA phone call database. They were silent, and still are, when the U.S. Marines massacre story broke, and even now, when it has been corroborated by the military. Wake up Dems! This is the opportunity that you've been waiting for! I'm afraid that without a true Democratic leader (I'm talking about you Russ Feingold. Please step up.) they will go down in defeat in November and, after another John Kerry presidential loss, wallow in misery once more.

Sundat Talk Buzz is coming after Late Edition wraps up.


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