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Thursday, June 01, 2006

George W. Bush:

The worst president in the last 61 years. Sweet.

Haditha: The cover-up continues -

We all know about the Haditha massacre by now right? a battalion of U.S. Marines (who knew exactly what they were doing) rampage through a somewhat restive Iraqi town, shooting, killing and torturing dozens of civilians - most of whom were women and children. This is documented by journalists and the U.S. military, even though they have yet to accept responsibility for it. This is fact, right? Right??!!??

Not for the radical right. They are stuck in their ususal mode of blaming the left for everything. "Slimy liberal commies cooked up everything!!!". Yeah, that's it. The right-wing blather macjine Human Events has an article by the "despicable" MichaelReagan in which he syas just that.

"Without any real knowledge of the Nov. 19 deaths of 24 civilians and the role if any played in the killings by United States Marines, the despicable Democrat Rep. John Murtha is charging that members of the Marine Corps killed those civilians in cold blood."

"Without ... real knowledge"? "Murtha .. is charging"? Sorry Mike, it's not just the "despicable" John Murtha. Why else would the U.S. military launch a serious (I hope) investigation of the massacre? Why else would the military start to give the U.S. troops in Iraq ethics training. Did these events happen because of "pressure" from leftist commies? I don't think so.