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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oh goody, more AC...

Hey, I just found out that the godless one herself, Ms. Ann Coulter, will be appearing tonight at 8 PM on FNC's "Heartland w/Jonh Kasich" (that little dope...) answering viewers emails. Will you join LCL in flooding the FNC servers with dozens upon dozens of emails trashing Ann Coulter? You know, with Q's like "how's Rosie O'Donnell, your secret lesbian lover", and "since you hate 9/11 victims so much, were you behind 9/11" - that sort of thing.

Here's the address:

You'll notice that the appearance is not open to live phone calls, only emails. I wonder why? Yeah.


Anonymous Robert M said...

Please help.

I am now lost as to who to vote for in next weeks Governor race. I was a strong Smith supporter until today when I watched a video of him answering questions about his own home town and the election fraud alleged regarding his friends there (and he represents them in the Senate).

I want to elect people who will fix Florida's elections. That is why I was so strong a supporter of Rod Smith when he came out with his election reform platform.

But now I am not sure if I can believe his campaign promises if he can't even fight for fair electiosn in his own town, when he is their Senator, and when he admits his friends are in charge there.

Who can we vote for next week if we want to reform elections and voting?

2:44 AM

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